Safety Tips: The First Meeting After Online Dating

Unless you’re ready from your online boy/girlfriend’s freak attack when you finally see each other on the streets after a long time of online dating, then you probably won’t need this guide.

Well if you aren’t then you have some things to take note of to be completely safe when meeting your beloved other half face-to-face. Remember the fact that you only got to know each other in the online dating world – meaning, you completely have know idea who he or she is. To get you started, here are a few things to remember to be safe in your offline dating.

  • Get to know your date.

The online dating services usually have a page where you can get to know the other person. If you aren’t contented, you can always use internet and government resources. These resources are usually available to everyone interested. If you want to know him or her as much as possible before meeting, you can request for a paid service to do some background check on that certain person.

  • Meet in a public place.

Online dating services wants to keep everyone safe, so you should also practice the safety your self. The best place to have a first date is either at the park, mall, or any other crowded area. This way, you can fully enjoy yourselves with the security that the other person won’t be able to do something wrong to you. Never meet in a private location where you can get some lone time with the other person, especially in the other person’s house.

  • Stay in the public.

Do not let your date bring you to your home. Do not let the other person bring you to some private place to have some “quality time” with you. Just stay in the public areas since it is your safest ground when having any date. If your date persists and pressures you to go to a private place like a forest area, an alley or the person’s house leave the date immediately.

  • Tell someone else.

Make sure to inform a friend, or your parents that you are going somewhere with the person you met online. Always have a mobile phone with you just in case. If you don’t have one, feel free to borrow it from a family member, or a close friend.

  • Keep your things safe.

Always keep everything you have safe. If you have a purse or wallet, you should keep the item touching your body so that it will be completely safe. If you’re having a drink, keep an eye on it or keep it close to avoid the other person from putting something in the beverage. The first meeting after the online dating can sometimes be unsafe, so stay alert at all times.

  • Take care of your personal information.

Just as the online dating service protects your information, keep it safe yourself too. Avoid having to tell the other person too much about yourself, especially to the point of the information that is too personal. As much as you wouldn’t want to have your personal things tampered, take good care of your private information to avoid other complications.